Kala ghoda Art Festival 2015


“While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life.  I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.”
-Hans Bos?

They say dance is poetry in motion. It’s when thoughts and emotions break free from inhibitions, a dance performance is born. This year at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival delight yourself in the visual beauty of several classical and contemporary forms. Allow India's most celebrated dance groups to get you on your feet. We will be hosting interesting workshops too.

Our thematic for the 2015 festival is "DIKSHA - SUBLIME INITIATION". We look forward to seeing you at our spectacular dance venue at Cross Maidan.

Note: All Programs are subject to change.

'Presenting the 'National Anthem' in sign language (Language of the Deaf-Mute & Blind) by Shiamak's Victory Arts Foundation.

05:30 to 05:45 at Cross Maidan

The performance breathes life into Mother Teresa’s quote “God cannot be found in noise and restlessness. We need silence to be able to touch souls”. The majestic performance is a testament to this fact.

Pandit Kalinath Mishra and his disciples present 'Diksha through Rhythms

05:55 to 06:25 at Cross Maidan

A dialogue through the bonding of Guru-Shishya parampara making explicit 'Diksha through rhythms. Three generations of dancers -Guru Padma Sharma, Gauri Sharma Tripathi and Tarini Tripathi celebrate this tradition.

Inauguration and Inauguration Dance

06:30 to 07:00 at Cross Maidan



A never before seen collaboration of over 70 dancers and six dance forms celebrating dance in all its glory.

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Dance of Mystics' by Manjari Chaturvedi (Exploring the feminine in spiritual poetry)

07:10 to 07: 55 at Cross Maidan

Dance of Mystics manifests the mystical thought of devotion and love for the Almighty through an ecstatic dance encapsulating the divine reaching out . Poets and spiritual saints such as Rumi, Kabir, Hazrat Amir Khusrau, and Baba Bulleh Shah are known to characterize themselves in the feminine form - as the wife, bride and beloved of the Almighty. Renowned dance exponent, teacher & Choreographer Manjari Chaturvedi portrays this divine communication, this prayer between the form and formlessness .(
Sufi Kathak)

Devatmayee - The Soul of the Gods': Concept by Bimbavati Devi and Srijan Chatterjee, Choreography and Direction by Bimbavati Devi, Research Script and Guidance by Srijan Chatterjee and Music by N. Tiken Singh

08:00 to 08:45 at Cross Maidan

Our mythology has a rather beautiful concept of Devatmayee - the Soul of the Gods. She is many yet she is one, seeking definitions in tranquility, radiance, endurance, time, devastation and in our expressed and unexpressed words - Devatmayee is about a woman's journey through the meandering lanes and layers of self-realisation.  (Manipuri)

Jazz Mash Up' by Danceworx

08:55 to 09:25 at Cross Maidan


It is a celebration of the contemporary and the classic. Dancers slip seamlessly from different forms of classical Jazz into Urban Hip Hop and back again keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.(Jazz Mash Up)