Kala ghoda Art Festival 2013


Changing Keys

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”- Victor Hugo

 They say music binds, heals, unshackles, enlivens and elevates aspects of self that one hasn’t discovered yet. Many artists, philosophers and religious leaders believe that music will propel the awaited changes in the world.

This year at KalaGhoda Arts Festival enjoy the melodies of artists across classical and experimental genres. The performances would be held at Cross Maidan and Asiatic Steps.

Our thematic for the 2013 festival is 'CHANGING  KEYS'. Be part of our world and look out for the upcoming programs in this exciting section by joining our facebook community.

We sincerely thank British Council, Australian Consulate-General, Laiq Qureshi, Padmashree PS and Janhavi Apte-Kothari for their support and collaboration.

All programs listed on this website were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change.

Ragas on Piano by Utsav Lal

6:30 pm at Asiatic Library Steps


Utsav Lal, Raga Pianist:

With an impressive music career spanning a decade, this 20-year-old classical and Jazz pianist has successfully created the pure sounds of Indian Ragas on the Piano and won international acclaim for his performances at top venues & festivals. Lal has captured the imagination of worldwide audiences as his fingers breathe voice and soul into the piano and he delights veering between delicately decorative and dazzling moments of improvisation. Utsav Lal’s unfailing clarity of technique and innovative handling of a raga with simplicity, sincerity & depth have earned him the unique title of ‘Raga Pianist.’

Accompanied by Pt. Kali Nath Mishra:

A renowned Tabla Maestro from India. He started learning tabla at an early age from Pandit Madan Mishra and Pandit Kishan Maharaj of the Banaras Gharana. He is an “A” grade Indian classical percussionist at All India Radio, Mumbai.

Piano Courtesy Furtados

Talvin Singh & Friends

7:30 pm at Asiatic Library Steps

Talvin Singh Matharoo is a producer and composer and tabla player, known for creating an innovative fusion of Indian classical music and drum and bass. Singh is generally considered involved with an electronica sub genre called Asian Underground, and more recently as Indian and/or Asian electronica. Talvin is curating a two hour set on 9th night at KGAF and will invite guest artists to collaborate and add to the night.


Line up

Talvin Singh - Tabla, Electronics

Shriram Sampat - Flute

Ramya Iyer - Vocals

Roop Kumar Rathod – Special Guest