Kala ghoda Art Festival 2014


“All the world's a stage.”

- William Shakespeare


Theatre - a gregarious form that combines arts, dance, music, literature to create masterpieces that fire away the imagination of the audience.  At the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival watch all kinds of theatre…. tragedy, comic humour. Veterans and amateur directors put together plays across many genres and languages.

Our thematic for the 2014 festival is ‘RANG BARAAT’.

We look forward to seeing you at our theatre venues at NGMA, Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artists' Centre.

Acknowledgements: Ankur Parekh - Theatre Curator Team, Hanif Patni, Manav Pande & Jeet Basu (Ekjute Theatre Group) • Sonali Thakker

Rashomon Blues (A)

7:30 pm at Horniman Circle

Presented By: Ranga Theatre

Writer: Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Based on: An adaptation by Rameshchandra Shah

Director: Bijon Mondal

Cast: Nagesh Bhosle, Kirti Kulhari & more

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Language: Hindi

“Roshamon Blues (A)” is set in present day Mumbai. Rashomon Blues is an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa`s 1950 classic. The storyline is pretty complex with many characters adding in their two bits but that's what is supposed to make it more interesting. Essentially, the deal is this: the bandit Tajomaru accosts a samurai and his wife on a lonely stretch; the swordsman is killed and then begins the whodunit. 



6:00 pm at MC Ghia

Presented By: The Films & Theatre Society (New Delhi)

Written & Directed By: Atul Koushik

Duration: 1 hr 40 mins

Language: Hindi

"Draupadi" has always been a celebrated character of the epic of Mahabharata and many myths, conventions and perceptions have been associated with her in various versions of her life story. This plays takes excerpts from the story of Draupadi as known to everybody and adds to it some imaginative sequences to bring out the real essence of association between Draupadi and today's women. The intense story unfolds in an incredibly light and seamless manner and makes the production a literary marvel. This high on folk music presentation is high on visual delight. 

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Home Grown Comedy Presents Schittzengiggles Improv Crew

8:30 pm at MC Ghia

Presented By: Homegrown Comedy

Duration: 1 hr

Language: English

Schitz en giggles (Shits and giggles) are a group of comedians who perform stand up comedy, sketch and improvisations. Presenting their own brand of comedy, in their wake, they leave every show with a bloody trail of busted guts and teary eyes.


The Curious Climb Of Cutter Chee - a gangster spectacle

7:00 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Theatre Proffessionals

Directed By: Benjamin Samuels

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Language: English

“The Curious Climb of Cutter Chee - a gangster spectacle” It’s a story of the entirely avoidable ascension of a buffoon like clown of a man to a terrifying don of dons. Brecht's original play, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, was set as a parable that closely mapped the rise of Hitler in a post-war depression ridden economy and was an argument to show how preventable the rise of fascism and Hitler could have been.

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Do Aur Do Chaar

7:00 pm at NGMA

Presented By: Abhiruchi Theatre Studio

Adaptation & Direction: Pramod Kumar

Duration: 1 hr 40 mins

Language: Hindi

"Do Aur Do Chaar" is a Hindi adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedy play The Comedy of Errors. This play tells the story of two sets of identical twins that were accidentally separated at birth. When the Gopal & Bajrangi of Suryanagar encounter the friends and families of Gopal & Bajrangi of Pratap Nagar, a series of wild mishaps based on mistaken identities lead to wrongful beatings, a near-seduction, the arrest of Gopal of Pratapnagar, and false accusations of infidelity, theft, madness and demonic possession.

Mutton Masala Chicken Chilly

6:00 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Avitoko 

Written By: Vibha Rani

Direction: Sarita Hussain

Duration: 1 hr 40 mins

Language: Hindi

"Mutton Masala Chicken Chilly" is a story of attitude rather than the story of the mother and daughter-in-law duo. Its beyond class and creed. Frustrations, sufferings and traditional attitudes of nature. When under one roof, does their relationship become more bitter or they look for a new dawn in their lives? What happens between the duo when they live under one roof? Do they just get apart or they think for a new dawn in their lives? With great Saas-bahoo fights, the play travels in various aspect of mental, emotional and psychological plateau. 

Arzan Khambatta's Anecdotes (Aka)

8:30 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Arzan Khambatta

Duration: 45 mins

Language: English

A well known architect turned sculptor - Arzan will tickle the funny bone of audiences with his real life punny stories.