Kala ghoda Art Festival 2014


“All the world's a stage.”

- William Shakespeare


Theatre - a gregarious form that combines arts, dance, music, literature to create masterpieces that fire away the imagination of the audience.  At the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival watch all kinds of theatre…. tragedy, comic humour. Veterans and amateur directors put together plays across many genres and languages.

Our thematic for the 2014 festival is ‘RANG BARAAT’.

We look forward to seeing you at our theatre venues at NGMA, Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artists' Centre.

Acknowledgements: Ankur Parekh - Theatre Curator Team, Hanif Patni, Manav Pande & Jeet Basu (Ekjute Theatre Group) • Sonali Thakker

Quli-Dilon Ka Shehzada

7:30 pm at Horniman Circle

Presented By: Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation (Hyderabad)

Conceived & Directed By: Mohammad Ali Baig

Duration: 1 hr 05 mins

Language: Urdu

"Quli-Dilon Ka Shehzada" is based on the love-legend of the founder of Hyderabad, Poet-Prince Quli Qutub Shah and his danseuse beloved Bhagmati. A tale of two artistes; mutually respecting individuals of two diverse origins and cultures and how their feelings for each other transform and give birth to a city with a distinct identity to its people. These characters though historical, could be two individuals of today…timeless, described as having transcended barriers and boundaries – be their geographical, religious or cultural.

A Peasant Of El Salvador

8.15 pm at Max Mueller Bhavan

Presented By: QTP

Written by: Peter Gould & Stephen Stearns

Directed By: Q

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Language: English

“A Peasant of El Salvador” set in the 1980's when El Salvador was under military dictatorship, the play discusses the cost of human life and how most countries undermine it on the path to economic development.


8:00 pm at NGMA

Presented By: The Pheonix Players 

Writer: Mahasweta Devi

Director: Salim Ghouse

Duration: 30 mins

Language: English

“Panch Kanya” As the funeral pyres of kurukshetra rage, a group of wailing women huddle in grief. The “Pancha Kanya” – five dalit women, await the scorched & ravaged earth to cool down, before they trudge back to their hovels, the communion with their rajavrita counterparts invites a reflection of the past and a preparation for the future…the indomitable human spirit triumphs yet again….as life affirms itself.

Manbodh Babu

8.15 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Vivechana, Jabalpur

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Language: Hindi

"Manbodh Babu" is a story of two passengers traveling from Bombay to Kolkata in one coach. Maanbodh Babu lives in Kolkata while the other passenger Mohanlal lives in a Bihar village and is thinking of shifting to Bombay to live with his son. Maanbodh Babu is very talkative and a lovable character. He teaches Mohanlal how to enjoy life, read books, how to behave with his son and suggest him to live in Kolkata. This play has emotions, light moments, tragedy and finally a suspense at the end of the play.

Bade Bhaisahab

6:00 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Performers

Based On: Munshi Premchand’s short story Bade Bhaisahab

Adapted & Directed By: Santosh Tiwari

Duration: 50 mins

Language: Hindustani

“Bade Bhaisahab” is a humorous short story by Munshi Premchand. Known for the simplicity, proximity to reality and satire, all his stories hold a message of humanity, relationships and brotherhood. Bade Bhaisahab is about two brothers, both very innocent characters and their simple, amusing and entertaining ‘nok-jhonk’. The story reflects the witty and humorous side of Premchand. 

Ek Baaki Ek Aaki

8:00 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Astitva

Written By: Sanket Tandel

Direction: Sanket Tandel, Pralhad Kudtarkar, Parag Krunal Sushil and Mahesh Keskar 

Duration: 1 hr 05 mins

Language: Marathi

“Ek Baaki Ek Aaki" 4 different genres and 4 different stories that start with different note and yet get overlaped during its journey. The stories revolve around one of the most bitter truths of human society, the loneliness and being alone. It's an attempt to overcome this loneliness through different shades of emotion.