Kala ghoda Art Festival 2014


“All the world's a stage.”

- William Shakespeare


Theatre - a gregarious form that combines arts, dance, music, literature to create masterpieces that fire away the imagination of the audience.  At the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival watch all kinds of theatre…. tragedy, comic humour. Veterans and amateur directors put together plays across many genres and languages.

Our thematic for the 2014 festival is ‘RANG BARAAT’.

We look forward to seeing you at our theatre venues at NGMA, Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artists' Centre.

Acknowledgements: Ankur Parekh - Theatre Curator Team, Hanif Patni, Manav Pande & Jeet Basu (Ekjute Theatre Group) • Sonali Thakker

The EQ

11:30 am at House of Tales

Presented By: Amygo Productions

Written & Directed By: AmatyaGoradia

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Language: Hindi

The ‘EQ’ is a play that unravels the amazingly eventful life of one the most eminent personalities - Albert Einstein. What lay beneath his image; that of a jolly, absent-minded scientist is a question that the world has been trying to find an answer to for decades. On a similar journey, Einstein’s contemporary scientist Thomson Harvey decides to split open Einstein’s brain expecting to find something distinctive in it. What’s in the brain? What exactly is the E.Q.?


5:00 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Killol Kala Akademy

Written By: Dr. Usha Kiran Khan  

Directed By: Kanupriya Pandit

Duration: 1 hr

Language: Hindi

“Doobdhan” is an adaptation from the story of the same name written by Sahitya Academy winner writer Usha Kiran Khan deals with the simple emotions. It is  a journey of Ketki to her roots with an expectation of warmth from her near ones which gets fulfilled by an old muslim helper. It was she who touches her soul for ever. A story which also hints that our culture is preserved by the elders no matter what religion they belong to.

Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi

8:15 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Ekjute Theatre Group

Directed By: Nadira Zaheer Babbar

Cast: Juhi Babbar Soni, Sangeeta Mody and Deeksha

Duration: 1hr 20 mins

Language: Hindustani

“Ji, Jaisi Aap Ki Marzi” This play consists of monologues by four women living very different lives. They represent the typical roles that a woman plays in our society, namely mother, wife, daughter, and sister, among others. This play is also about the men who have an equal and sometimes the dominant role in defining a woman’s life! In today’s, supposedly modern times, the liberation of woman still remains an ambiguous issue for our country. As the four women in our play take you through their lives and struggles, they make you laugh and think, like never before!!

Museum…of Species In Danger

7:30 pm at NGMA

Presented By: Being Association

Written By: Sumedh

Directed By: Rasika Agashe

Duration: 1 hr 05 mins 

Language: English

“Museum…Of Species in Danger” It is a compilation of monologues of women characters from mythology, today’s India and some characters from literary works as well. Most of the monologues are written and improvised by the actors themselves. Two of them are suitable translations of literary works “aaye kuch abr” and “blasphemy”. Selected poems are also a part of this interesting script format.

Pishi Mavshi (Children's Play)

7:00 pm at Max Mueller Bhavan

Presented By: Akanksha Balrangabhoomi, Pune

Directed By: Saggherr Lodhii

Duration: 1 hr 10 mins

Language: Marathi

“PishiMavshi” (Children’s Play) is a unique transformation of collection of Vinda Karandikar’s poems into theatrical presentation as a “Musical Play”. The musical explores explores various levels of poems using theatrical techniques admired by one and all, a visual treat for children.

Pandora's Box

5:30 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Metamorphosis

Written & Directed By: Omkar Bhatkar

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins

Language: English

“Pandora’s Box” The play examines the randomness of life. Nothing is under our control and at times we should just let go just let it be what it will. 

The protagonist spends a particular night contemplating and reminiscing about days long gone by. Letters, calendars, pictures, posters all come to life as Amol looks back into his past remembering the good and the bad. 

Asmanjas Babu ki Atmakatha

8:00 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Frontier Theatre

Directed By: Saattvic

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Language: Hindi

“Asmanjas Babu Ki Atmakatha" is based on Satyajit Ray's short story. It is a modern day fable of an unknown club musician with a beautiful soul and an immense curiosity about life, especially the way it has been treating him. The performance is embellished with music and poetry and forces a great deal of introspection.


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at ICIA GALLERY

Theatre-Panel Discussion
1.Deepa Punjani(Critic)
2.Mahesh Dattani(Playwright)
3.Shernaz Patel(Actor)
4.Salim Arif(Theatre Director)
5.Vijay Kenkre(Theatre Director)
6.Kumud Mishra(Actor)
7. Juhi Babbar(Actor)
An evening filled with amusing anecdotes and stirring homages that honour the best in Indian theatre.