Kala ghoda Art Festival 2014


“All the world's a stage.”

- William Shakespeare


Theatre - a gregarious form that combines arts, dance, music, literature to create masterpieces that fire away the imagination of the audience.  At the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival watch all kinds of theatre…. tragedy, comic humour. Veterans and amateur directors put together plays across many genres and languages.

Our thematic for the 2014 festival is ‘RANG BARAAT’.

We look forward to seeing you at our theatre venues at NGMA, Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artists' Centre.

Acknowledgements: Ankur Parekh - Theatre Curator Team, Hanif Patni, Manav Pande & Jeet Basu (Ekjute Theatre Group) • Sonali Thakker

Game Boy (Children's Play)

11:30 am at House of Tales

Presented By: Theatrewaalas

Written & Directed By: Akshay Anand Kohli

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Language: Hindi/English

“Game Boy” is a story of each and every kid out there. Our protagonist Neev is one of those kids who is trapped by the addiction of video games, he lives in the digital gaming world and can even see his game characters coming alive. His friends often tried to pull him out of this mess. The story has an exciting climax, where in Neev learns a lesson thanks to his friends!

Untold Stories

5:00 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Bharati Kapadia

Written & Enacted By: Bharati Kapadia

Duration: 1 hr

Language: English

“Untold Stories” is a kind of a story, non-linear in structure and layered in narrative style, a collage of implicitly connected memories, episodes, ideas, observations, references and comments, ranging from personal to social and political, from topical to historical, fact to fiction and other such.


8:00 pm at House of Tales

Presented By: Visual Respiration (Chennai)

Directed By: Aruna Ganesh Ram

Duration: 1 hr 10 mins

Language: English

“Re: play” A performance inspired by traditional Indian Games - chance, skill, strategy, strength and a combination of these.With the Indian dice lending structure to the performance, games such as Parcheesi (Ancient Ludo), Snakes and Ladders, Kabaddi, Lagori (7 Stones), Chess (Chaturanga), Pallanguzi (Mancala), Hopscotch (Pandi) and Marbles (Goli) have been used to construct performance. This original concepts ask the audience to be present in unique ways.

Classics Redux

5:00 pm at MC Ghia

Presented By: Arpana

Written By: Sapan Saran

Directed By: Sunil Shanbag

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Language: Hindi/Marathi

“Classics Redux” trawls through some of Indian theatre's greatest contemporary classics seeking out female protagonists who confront love, longing, dignity and loneliness.


7:30 pm at NGMA

Presented By: Astitva

Marathi Adaptation & Directed By: Vipul Mahagaonkar

Duration: 55 mins

Language: Marathi

“Meghdoot” A short poem of 111 stanzas, it is one of Kalidas's most famous works ever. It recounts how a yak?a, a subject of King Kubera (the god of wealth), after being exiled for a year to Central India for neglecting his duties, convinces a passing cloud to take a message to his wife at Alakaon Mount Kailasa in the Himalayan Mountains. This Marathi adaptation is based on the original piece of literature but depicted in modern era with background of soldiers, martyrs and war.

K T Anna Jio To Aise 

6:00 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Swangvale

Written & Directed By: Dhanendra Kawade

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins

Language: Hindi

“K.T. Anna” is inspired together from Sharad Joshi’s ‘Yathasambhav’ and Agyeya’s ‘Khiteen Babu’. It is a story of a physically challenged person whose approach to life remains strongly positive despite the fact that he is gradually losing parts of his body and eventually will die. He embodies the strength of human spirit that shines through the hardest of challenges of life.

Mr. Misfit, Ms. Clown Traveler

8:30 pm at Artist's Center

Presented By: Theatre Garage Project & The Shift Makers' Project


Written & Directed By: Natraj, Hasrat & Malvika Vazalwar

Duration: 30 mins

Language: English/Hindi

“Mr Misfit, Ms. Clown Traveler” A Clown, trained as a soldier, finds himself in an entertainment show. He is shocked, numb and confused and that makes him both dumb and dangerous! But now he is trapped and has to entertain the audience! How he does it, makes him Mr. Misfit! A clown backpacker travels the world.


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at ICIA GALLERY

Book Reading Recent Works by Mahesh Dattani,
Speakers-Mahesh Dattani( Playwright)
Jehan Manekshaw.(Theatre Director)
Mumbai launch of Mahesh Dattani's latest book, in conversation with Jehan Manekshaw.