Kala ghoda Art Festival 2013


Walk The Change

"I like narrative storytelling as being part of a tradition, a folk tradition" - Bruce Springsteen

There is almost a bare, innocent and soulful quality to folk music and performances. They transport us back to traditional times and simpler lives. This year at KalaGhoda enjoy the gentle sounds and stories preserved and through many generations. Adorned on either side by craftsmen and artisans selling their wares from the famous Kala Ghoda stalls - over 100 stalls to choose a variety of products from all over the country...glass art from waste, paintings, ceramics and enamel works, bags and wallets, solar lamps and clocks, cushions and quilts, shawls and ethnic sarees, mugs, clocks, staionery, footwear, jewellery, etc.- the Rampart Row will yet again become a living and thriving celebration of folk.

The street will change its mood everyday with vibrant performances by folk dancers, musicians and street plays from all over the country. Experience the amazing folk dance forms, sounds of traditional instruments and spectacular costumes as you get entertained by puppeteers, Nat artists and folk dancers.

Our theme for the Kalaghoda Festival 2013, is 'WALK THE CHANGE'.  Join us at Rampart Row.

We sincerely thank WZCC (West Zone Cultural Center), NSPA (National Streets for Performing Arts), Australian Consulate-General, Salaam Bombay, Theatre in Motion (Jaya Prasad), Ativirya (Richa Sharma) and Geet Anand or their support and collaboration.

All programs listed on this website were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change.

Gondhal - Rahul Pawar and Group

11:00 AM onwards at Rampart Row

Gondhal is one of the traditional folk performance of Maharashtra where they praise Goddess Durga as mother of Universe.

String Puppets from WZCC

11:00 AM onwards at Rampart Row

They present their performances accompanied with Pipari (wind instrument made of bamboo chip and rubber)  
and beats of Dholak (a percussion instrument). Puppet characters include Dholkiwala (Drum Beater), Saamp-Sapera
Gendh Wali (Round Ball), Bahurupia (Imitator),  Pattebaz (Card player), Anarkali (Dancer) and Jadugar  (Magician) etc.
AMAR SINGH RATHORE is the most popular dance drama amongst the traditional puppeteers.

Bahurupia from WZCC

11:00 AM onwards at Rampart Row

Bahurupias are the street performers who wear different characters every day and move door to door to entertain a small group of spectators.


11:00 AM onwards at Rampart Row

Nat acrobats are street performers who perform in fairs/festivals and also for their patrons on the festivals occasions. They walk, jump on tied rope.  They also show their skills with weapons.