Rocking Horse
Nuriya Rao, Curator
Tasneem Rajkotwala, Curator

Pony Tales
Lubaina Bandukwala, Curator


‘THE KALAGHODA ARTS FESTIVAL 2017 promises anything but the ordinary!

We bring to you another cultural extravaganza showcasing a fabulous mix of visual, performing and culinary arts, all coming together right in the heart of Mumbai City.

This February, be part of the biggest Art Festival in town! Come and ‘Ride The Wave’ at The KalaGhoda! ….

The CMVS Museum Garden comes alive with scores of kids as it becomes the hub of The Children’s Workshops! A wondrous little world of amazing art, drama and puppetry, life and wildlife, stories and dreams, craft, colour and magic for ALL the little enthusiasts, with curious eyes and sponge- like minds.

This year with the unveiling of the KalaGhoda statue, The Children’s Workshops salute the Spirit of the KalaGhoda by showcasing installations by various schools and organisations on the theme ‘If Wishes were Horses…’


  • Kick starting off with a perfect recipe for magic – ‘Opera of Puppets’, epic folk tales brought alive from around the world, a combination of Dance, Drama, Puppetry, songs followed by a puppet making workshop from recycled materials presented by ‘Magical Whispers’, a group of certified storytellers. puppeteers and theatre enthusiasts on Saturday 4th Feb at 11am to 12pm.
  • ‘A Naturally Nerdy Affair’….This is your brain on nature – Put your nature quotient to test and get close to nature with a three level puzzle solving and quiz with ‘Saevus Magazine’, India’s first premium wildlife and natural history magazine on Saturday 4th Feb at 4pm to 5pm.
  • An eye and ear for the funny side of things! Meddlesome, Nosy, Angry, curious… what a load of emotions to portray and what better way than to doodle goofy faces? Have loads of unadulterated fun doodling with Neha Parikh on Sunday 5th Feb at 11am to 12pm.
  • ‘I love wildlife’ says Deepak Dalal, one of the popular writers for children. He chucked up a career as a chemical engineer to write stories for children. Pairing up with Bittu Sahgal, an Environmental activist and writer, who is the founding editor of Sanctuary Asia, a wildlife and ecology magazine based in India presents an interactive session on a book by Deepak Dalal, ‘A Flamingo in my Garden!’ on Sunday 5th Feb at 12pm to pm. This workshop hopes to make children aware of the wonderful world of birds  like cranes, storks, hornbills, woodpeckers, pelicans, flamingos, to name a few.
  • ‘The realmagic lies in sharing your art and knowledge with the world’, says Neel, who is quite an established name with his own travel and magic show on NDTV goodtimes by the name of You Got Magic with Neel Madhav. His book is an unconventional one that intersperses his life and travels with some really fun magic tricks. So join Neel Madhav,  India’s new-age illusionist who combines magic with mentalism, neurolinguistics programming and criminology on Sunday 5th Feb at 4.30 to 5.30pm.
  • ‘Drawing with scissors! ‘…Yes you heard right! Come create you own Matisse collage masterpiece and learn about ‘Henri Matisse’ and his technique through a fun craft session followed by a story on ‘Icarus’ , presented by ‘Know your Art’ on Monday 6th Feb at 5.30pm to 6.30pm.
  • Emanuele Bargelli (1972), who is a science event manager mostly for the Science Festival – Festival della Scienza in Genova, Italy, since 2004 presents a workshop on ‘Science is everywhere’…‘Where’s the Science?’ It’s in every single one of them. It’s in the experience. It’s in the connections. It comes when we have a lively classroom or home where we question and wonder aloud. ..Science is everywhere in the classroom… Science is everywhere in our homes… Science offers an open invitation to each of us every single day. Don’t miss the opportunity to come and wonder with ‘Emanuele Bargelli (Programmer of Science Festival of Genova) on Tuesday 7th Feb at 5pm to 6pm. .. Science and art talk together in many different ways. Let’s try!
  • Katie Bagli presents ‘Wild with Nature’, a short nature trail followed by a talk about our planet’s intriguing wildlife on Friday 10th Feb at 5pm to 6pm. She is a teacher who is passionately in love with the planet. Over the years, she has become known for writing children’s books about nature. She has set herself upon to write. Through these books, she hopes to share her knowledge, to sensitize and to inculcate a love for nature among the young brigade.
  • Got nothing else to do? Are you guilty of doodling? Doodling has gotten so popular that some has come to terms with it as doodle art. It’s about time we recognize the unlimited creativity that doodling has access to.  Do a Doodle Art and Quiz, presented by ‘My Paper’ Workshop on unconventional art & craft (Doodle Art) with a fun quiz contest. around the theme of “The Rocking Horse” on Saturday 11th feb at 12pm to 1pm.
  • The Australian Consulate General presents ‘The Paper Pilots’, Australia’s Dylan and James will give a crash course in paper plane making and flying to educate students on the science of flight and encourage them to develop problem solving skills to design the perfect paper plane. The workshop will take place after the screening of the film based on their life story called “Paper Planes” on Saturday 11th Feb from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Arzan Khambatta and Sunil Padwal .. The dynamic duo are back again with another creative workshop on Sunday 12th Feb at 11 am to 12pm … They need no introduction.. Both sculptors, one by choice and the other by profession.
  • Wanna be a musician? Then don’t miss MOB!!! Bombay Hatss presents ‘Music from objects‘ on Sunday 12th Feb at 2.30pm to 3.30pm..There’s a surprising world of musical sounds hidden in common day objects… Bang the buckets…jiggle the cans… stomp the feet.. sweep the floor… Experiment with ‘found’ sounds to create music.

Children’s Literature at Kalaghoda offers children and parents a chance to explore the best and most interesting children’s books published in the past year. This year’s delightful programme includes fiction and non-fiction – from hilarious stories of a Ram Leela to an exploration of the art and life of Amir Khusrau; from magic to movies; from the art of writing to the art of illustration. Authors who will be part of the programme include best-selling authors and like Anushka Ravishankar, danstangoi specialist Ankit Chedha, Rustom Dadachandji, celebrity magician Neel Madhav, award-winning film-maker Nina Sabnani, debuting author Purnota Dutta Bahl. Sangita Jindal, Chairman of the JWS Foundation will lead performance story-telling session.

Kids can get a taste of international lit with best selling author Shamini Flint from Singapore (Supported by the Singapore International Foundation) and a Hindi translation of Holland’s most popular children’s book series Jip and Jenke Supported by the Consulate of Holland)

Acknowledgements : Puffin India, Duckbill Books, Kitab Khana, Consulate General of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Singapore International Foundation and Dreams for Progress.