The lawns at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) come alive with the sound of little footsteps and giggles as the kids indulge in activities specially designed to engage and excite. From 3D figure making to robotics, from charcoal art to recycling – the Childrens’ section at HTKGAF has had it all. With the addition of Childrens’ art installation exhibits, where students represent their schools with thematically represented artworks, the area transforms into a magical land that brings each child’s creativity to the fore.

The theme for the Childrens’ section this year is Green Genies where each of the workshops will be injected with a dose of ‘green’. By providing awareness of the larger issue of environmental health through the workshops, we hope to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the children in a fun, entertaining manner making them the ‘Green Genies’ of the planet. The workshops include a number of sessions across  art and craft, dance, music, story- telling, creative writing, puppetry, theatre, science, math, yoga and wellness that tap into the interests of all the children that attend.The art installations will focus on the theme of ‘Shades of Green Life’ that will be on display across all nine days of the festival.

Some exciting the workshops lined up for the 2018 edition of HTKGAF include:

  • Heeral Shah of Wellness Solutions, will do a full jungle yoga session for young kids, highlighting the importance of yoga and nature and how they go hand in hand.
  • Iexpress brings “Bodhi – Awakening the drama senses within you”! A workshop which encourages kids to bring nature close to their hearts through the medium of drama and get mindfulness about mother nature! The kids use their imagination to walk through a forest, encounter a monster, smell the cinnamons, or hide in a dark gloomy cave! This journey promises to be fun, engaging and inspiring!
  • My Paper , a children’s newspaper presents ‘Art Mart’, a drawing workshop using unconventional items and tools that will teach children different ways to create their own eco friendly colours such  as those that were used in traditional forms of art like Warli and Madhubani.  The workshop aims to introduce children to different forms of art beyond just paper and pencil.
  • Magical Whispers, a puppetry performance that can very well fit in with the theme as it talks about the river and water conservation. All the puppets used in the performance will be handmade from Recycled material like bottles, boxes, cloth, paper and more.