The wait is over! KGAF 2019 is here and full of exciting hands-on experiences for kids. The Museum gardens will become a happy place where pint-sized artists can get their hands dirty, their wiggles out and imaginations stirred. This year we celebrate 20 glorious years with children and the wonder of their world through the magic of creative expression.

With STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), getting more attention every year, our theme this year, ‘Dream STEAM’, will be highlighting the combination of science with art as the way forward. Our young artists today are our future creators! Science and math along with art and design is fast becoming the new trendy and fun activity among youngsters.

Dream STEAM is to foster a child’s problem solving, encourage unique solutions and inventive thinking and to fuel such innovation skills, we have a terrific line up of enchanting experiments, puppet shows, robotics, dramatic stories and performances, make and take projects, a burst of colour, music and loads more! Get ready to celebrate a new generation of scientists and artists !

‘’Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’’- Steve Jobs

‘20 Times’ – Celebrating 20 years of KGAF
We also have an exciting theme for the Under 18, Children’s Installations Exhibition for schools and NGOs: Pick a subject, use an idea, make a design, then multiply it 20 times and finally project it all together to create one installation.
Come and see the awe inspiring, larger than life mixed media installations constructed by little hands!

Notable names conducting workshops will be:

  • Arzan Khambatta, Science Utsav, Talking Turtles, Nutty Scientists, Allison Moreu, British Council presents Yasmeen Ismail and French Council presents Frederic Simon.

Children’s Literature

Tale o’ Clock

This section of KGAF encourages kids to forget about the world of homework, and walk into the fantastical world of stories, where a child on wheels can be a hero and so can the queen of Kashmir. For kids interested in discovering their inner storyteller, we have workshops on art of fantasy writing, illustrating and photo-stories too. Kitab Khana is the designated space for children and young adults to indulge in their creative side as they read, write, have fun and learn.

Notable names conducting workshops:

  • Aditi Krishnakumar
  • Payal Kapadia
  • Shabnam Minwalla
  • Sakshi Singh