Hara Bhara Plate

The food section at HTKGAF serves the most primal human need: hunger! With the relocation of the section to Cross Maidan, foodies have been handed the world on a platter with over 20  food stalls dishing out local and international delicacies to satiate even the pickiest of eaters. The workshops and food talks hosted by some of the stars of the culinary world have given everyday kitchens and boring home dinners a makeover!

This year the food section at HTKGAF gets bigger and better with the addition of more food stalls and exciting programs centred around food.

This year the section is taking the festival theme Hara Ghoda and incorporating in every possible way with its own sub-theme: Hara Bhara Plate. The emphasis is on Go Green and eating local.

Highlights include:

  • The stall line up includes eateries like the Cantonese Kitchen, Tan Bueno: an all vegetarian Mexican affair, Sadhana’s Kitchen: curating outstanding Koli delights, Pav O Licious that has fluffy local pavs stuffed with kebabs, East India Cozhina: retailing their wedding pickles and signature East Indian snacks, Sliders and Fries with their bite sized burgers, London Bubble Co serving bubble waffles and many more.
  • This year this also a focus on Indian regional food with stalls serving up Malvani, Koli, Meghalayan and Assamese food to name just a few!
  • A food demonstration by Chef Varun Inamdar, popularly known as the Bombay Chef, taking audiences through how to reinvent left over, Saee Khandakar taking audiences through Contemporary Maharasthrian fokd, giving traditional recipes a modern spin, Chef Thomas from the Bombay Canteen talking about lesser known local greens and how to cook them and Sonal Ved, Food Editor at Vogue and cook book author, focusing on vegetarian recipes, are just some of the things lined up at the food section this year.

Acknowledgements: Food Truck Association of India, Gourmet West, Royal Thai Consulate General, Slow Food Movement India, Vallonne Wines, Westside and Wisk by Cakesmiths.