The craft stalls at HTKGAF are a shopper’s delight. Year after year small scale entrepreneurs and local artisans have showcased their creativity through clothes, bags, shoes, home décor items and more. The stalls section provides a platform for lesser known Indian arts and crafts to shine and patrons have responded with gusto each year, turning Rampart Row into a buzzing hub for the 9 days of the festival. The parking lot that houses the NGO stalls under the umbrella of Concern India Foundation also sees high number of footfalls as people shop for a good cause. Studio Potters’ Market inside the premises of CSMVS has its share of loyals who turn up year after year to buy one of a kind ceramics and support individual pottery artists.

The theme for the Stalls section this year is Springtime and will see Rampart Row transformed into a blossoming garden of sorts to represent the theme. The stalls too will sell an array of products that reflect this theme with pop colored clothing in cool fabrics, home décor to brighten up spaces, art that reflects the spirit of Mumbai and a host of other products so you can shop till you drop. ‘

Some stalls to look forward to at HTKGAF 2019 include:

  • Greensole is an eco-conscious company that refurbishes old shoes and turns them into new pairs that are donated to the needy. At HTKGAF they will be retailing their trendy, upcycled footwear as well as have a donation box for those who want to discard their old shoes so you can shop without a guilty conscience.
  • Paper Arts is Arts student Rishikesh Potdar’s brainchild. What for you is a plain sheet of paper is for Rishikesh a work of art waiting to be unravelled. At his stall at HTKGAF he will display and retail these one-of-a-kind pieces that he creates by cutting and layering paper.
  • Last Forest works with small, indigenous farmers and employs fair trade practices to create organic produce that includes honey, soaps, jams, herbs and spices, etc.
  • Village Leather Craft hues leather and Indian fabrics into statement footwear pieces that will make your feet pop.