Urban Design and Architecture at HTKGAF though one of the lesser known sections, is big on punch. It is here that architects, thinkers, urban planners and like-minded individuals initiate discussions, spark ideas and indulge in conversations about the city and the state of its development. These discussions are housed at Max Mueller Bhavan and have a dedicated audience that look forward to the program year after year.

This year the UDA section will focus on the potential of design and its influence on social, cultural, and everyday lives of people under its theme of Fields of Gold. Architecture is often seen as a ‘gold mine’ of economic and urban development, and cities are literally treated as ‘fields of gold’; the argument is to see architecture and design as ‘fields of gold’ not just for economic reasons but also for the cultural and intellectual development of societies, for making the world a better place for everyone to live, work, and flourish in.

The discussions this year will focus on:

  • Interior design as the potential better living with Ashiesh Shah, Rooshad Shroff, Zameer and Ayaz Basrai, Rajiv Saini
  • Young architects shaping homes for people – Shilpa and Pinkish Shah, Sameep Padora, Praveen Bavadekar, Pankaj Vir
  • Design as infrastructure with Soumitro Ghosh and Neesha Mathew, Anupama Kundoo, Stephane Paumier
  • Keynote lectures by Aniket Bhagwat, Christopher Beninger, Revathi Kamath, Prem Chandavarkar.
  • Foundations on infrastructure with UDRI, INTACH, Aga Khan Trust (Heritage)