The Ruttonsi Muljee Jetha Fountain

The Ruttonsi Muljee Jetha Fountain was unveiled by the Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai Mr Ajoy Mehta on June 21, 2017.

Bomanjee Homarjee Wadia Clock Tower, 1882

Bomanjee Homarjee Wadia fountain, located at the junction of Bazaar Gate Street and Perin Nariman Street, Fort Mumbai was erected in 1882. It was a commemorative fountain erected in honour of Bomanjee Homarjee Wadia who died on 3rd July 1862 and who had contributed largely towards the service of the city.

The KGA has completed restoration work on this structure with the expertise of conservation architect Vikas Dilwari in December 2017. KGA will maintain the structure post its restoration.

Seth Gangalal V Mulji Nandlal Religious & Charitable Trust Pyau, Horniman Circle Garden, 1842

The existing underground well located below the Horniman Circle garden, was excavated in 1811. Subsequently, Seth Gangadas Vijbhukhandas Shroff, funded the establishment of the public water drinking Pyau in 1842. Since 1842, the Bhatt water bearers, and their subsequent generations, have looked after the Pyau, as care takers even until today.

The KGA, with the Urban Design Research Institute as architects, has completed restoration of this Pyau in 2016 – 17.

The Spirit of Kala Ghoda

The KGA in an area beautification project on appointment with the MCGM has commissioned a bronze horse statuette which will be a representation via art of the local name Kalaghoda. This project was overseen for the KGA by Alfaz Miller of ABM Architects and sculptor Shree Hari Bhosale, aided by Arzan Khambatta. This statue was placed in the Parking Lot, at the beginning of K Dubash Marg.

The Kala Ghoda Association mandate is also to motivate the spread and dissemination of cultural knowledge. To this effect, it has provided grants to the Urban Development Research Institute for the preparation of a presentation to UNESCO to declare the Fort precinct as a UNESCO heritage site.