Only one dark horse

can put you

in the spotlight.

Asia’s biggest cultural festival, Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is back.

Kala Ghoda comes to you as Hara Ghoda to promote a sustainable future for our planet.

And that’s not all. This time, your vision can be part of this nine-day long celebration of art. So, don’t miss the opportunity – give your imagination a free rein.

A call to dancers under the age of 25 (pan-India) across all forms of dance.

Send your YouTube links to: [email protected]

We welcome musicians, singers, songwriters and bands under the age of 25 (pan-India) across all forms of music.

Send your YouTube links to: [email protected]

What comes to mind when you read these poems?

Send us a visual interpretation (your own original painting, sketch, graphic, collage, photo art) by the 15th Jan 2018 to [email protected]


He says he dreams
of a cottage marooned
in a moon-flecked ocean of paddy,
she of a solitude
defined by crickets and oil lamps,

and I know I often long
for some warm lair
in a craggy wilderness
suffused by the trust of animals,
monsooned in grace…
(from Locality)


Make me dew that touches all without distinction
Like snow-flakes let my perfect structures yield to the melt of being.
As an underground river flowing during drought, make me draw from secret sources.
Sweet and salt, estuarine — let differences mingle in my blood.
Tidal courage, I call upon you to return after the ebb: Spirit of water give me hope…
(from Invocation: Spirit of Water)

We are looking for short films that explore the theme, ‘After Sunset, Before Sunrise’ across all genres. Film duration: Under 30 minutes

Submit video links to: [email protected]

Winners will be a part of the Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival!

Send in your entries today!

Submission deadline: 10th January, 2018

Festival dates: 3rd – 11th February, 2018