FOX Life presents Celebrating the Life “LINE” of the city

FOX Life presents Celebrating the Life “”LINE”” of the city
(with a tour inside the CST Station)

Registrations for the tour inside CST Station – First come first serve basis – 60 people)

Start point: Parking Lot of Eros Cinema
Time of Assembly: 9:30 am

Each Railway station dots the city like beads strung together holding each other in a synergised manner. The coming of the “LINE” , not only transformed the face of the island city but paved the path for the growth and expansion of Bombay. Learn about how Bombay got the railways before the then capital city of Calcutta and the factors that led to the inaugration of the GIPR in 1853 and the BB&CI in 1864. Little was known then that the island would subsequently be witnessing the arrival of the grandest station in the country only paralleled the St Pancras station in London and finally the CST was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

Conducted by: Kruti Garg,Sanaeya Vandrewala

Talk inside CST – Mr.A.K Shrivastava, Additional General Manager, Central Railway

Parking Lot of Eros Cinema