“Poetry In Motion”

“Poetry In Motion”

When the art of story telling is through poerty and when the poetry is manifested in Architecture

Take the “street play” walk enacted by the characters of the Kala Ghoda Poems by poet Arun Kolatkar. See it through the eyes of Ugh -resident pi-dog in chief, Rich man David Sassoon who will give you his whole life story from his perch up there on the Memorial Library, a Jewish groom will recount tales off his wedding at the synagogue, and the Ogress of Rope Walk Lane will tell you stories of the slums that used to crowd up to the mighty walls of Fort. There’ll be other juicy tales too of course but… well, we don’t want to give away too many plot spoilers.. See you at KALA GHODA

Conducted by: Eloise Stevens, Kruti Garg

Made by: Audio Compass

Kala Ghoda