We observe dots everywhere in life, and a world of other things too: a tiny spot to the revolving spherical planets of the solar system. Dots are not just round circles signifying continuity, strength or perfection, they are pure and infinite! This year let’s show our children what a dot really can be…. ‘Let’s join our hands to close the circle, our efforts together can save our world!’ for one fine day all that we do today is going to come back around, full circle; remember what goes around comes around! So, while the children are dotting the Kala Ghoda aRTS Festival, let us do this with splashes of colour, singing along, a puppet show, a story untold and many unique ways with our wonderful Children’s Workshops. Engaging children in this way will get them to start thinking about how when individual efforts join hands, it will come full circle and IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Children’s Literature


All our stories are a quilt of memories, emotions, ideas and words. The sessions at the children’s literature section celebrate these patched words. Download the schedule to know more.