Dance Curator – Dr. Anonna Guha

Asst. Curator – Mrs. Falak Trivedi

Aatman – Spirit of Love, truly epitomises the 21st year of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Love of all the art lovers, love of our festival core team and love of our spectators, brings soul stirring music – dance to Cross Maidan in 2020. Dancers dancing in abandon, dancers dancing to express their love for the Lord and the Universe, dancers dancing to express their soul, dancers dancing for love and recognition. The mood of the dance section and at the dance stage sways with love being in the air and the spirit of oneness.

The melodious sound of the ghungroos, percussion instruments and lilting music make the stage come alive. We bow down in reverence to our Soul, our Aatman and dance to spread this message of Love and Togetherness.

Transcending borders, nationalities, regions, language and religion, come join us to celebrate this spirit of love for self and humanity, expressed through Dance.

Drishtikon Dance Foundation and Aditi Mangaldas’s Kathak Presentation ‘Fida’ with live music ensemble, Kings Squad (Kings United) with their acrobatic Hip Hop dance and Daksha Sheth Dance Company, Daksha Sheth and Isha Sharvani with Indian Contemporary Dance ‘Sari’, will bring to us the varied dance genres practised in India. Padmashri Ileana Citaristi’s Solo Odissi dance is titled ‘Eklavya’, renowned Kathak Guru Shama Bhate and Nad-Roop will present scintillating Kathak and Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles will present Contemporary Ballet/Broadway/Acrodance titled ‘Tosh Thoughts’.

Other notable dance performances include Odissi by celebrated artiste Jhelum Paranjpe and Smitalay from Mumbai, Kathak Queen Jayantimala Mishra’s Kathak recital, ‘Borderline’ by Gauri Sharma Tripathi and ANKH in Kathak style and Bharatanatyam by accomplished dancer Pavitra Bhatt and troupe, with live music ensemble.

Mayurbhanj Chhau from Orissa, Mohiniattam from Kerala, Manipuri from Manipur, Raabindrik style from West Bengal, Spain’s Flamenco, Argentina’s Tango, Creative Dance ‘Football’, Folk and Tribal Dances of India, all promise to engage and enthrall the audience at the 21st Kalaghoda Arts Festival at the Cross Maidan, Mumbai.

Dance Section dates for 2020 are : Saturday Feb 1, Tuesday Feb 4, Wednesday Feb 5 and Saturday Feb 9, at the Cross Maidan, Churchgate.