2020 VISION – FOCUS ON THE TRUE is the theme for Literature at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in the year 2020

With 2020 VISION, we seek clarity. The lens used to select content for the Literature stage at the Festival focuses therefore on honesty and integrity in one’s examination of idea, fact and meaning. The intention is to draw attention through the depth and range of the authors and works we present to the importance of seeking and valuing literature as a conveyor of veracity rather than as a means of manipulation and falsehood.

As always, Literature will feature multiple languages and will present a range of authors writing on multiple subjects. Primary among these subjects will be:

  • A Tryst with Democracy: Who we are as a Nation
  • India’s Place in the New World Dis-Order: India’s relationship with its neighbours and the rest of the world
  • Seeing Ourselves: Novel, short story and poetry and how we see ourselves through the lens of imagination
  • Clear Lens on the City: Literature at Kala Ghoda will, as it always does, celebrate the city in all its diversity and plurality and multiplicity and unity

Each evening of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2020, Literature will take the audience from the whirling energies of the Arts Festival into the quiet sanctum of the courtyard at the David Sassoon Library to view the world with 2020 VISION.

Curator: Dr. Indira Chandrasekhar

Consultant curators: James Brunner, Samhita Arni, Ashwani Kumar, Vinita Agrawal with PEN and Ankita Shah with The Poetry Club.

Assistant Curator: Meera Patwardhan

Volunteers: Harshita Rathod, Amatulla Kanchwala, Kanha Sawlani, Ritik Jain

Support for the Literature Panels has been generous, allowing the investigation into the theme, 2020 Vision, with its focus on literature and the truth to continue without excessive perturbation.

Many authors from outside Mumbai have absorbed the cost of their travel and stay in the city through personal or institutional means. We are immensely grateful.

We acknowledge the largesse of:

  • The Praful Shah Charitable Trust
  • The Mumbai Storytellers Society
  • The Azim Premji University for supporting a panellist
  • The Murty Classical Library India and Harvard University Press for supporting the panel featuring MCLI authors/translators
  • The Sahitya Akademi, India for supporting the panel on poetry from the North East
  • Zubaan Publishers Pvt Ltd and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation for supporting the panel on Reimagining Folk tales from the North East
  • Westland Books for supporting a panellist
  • Pan MacMillan for supporting a panellist
  • The Indian Novels Collective
  • She The People TV