The street is where the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival was born with a view to providing entertainment with a dose of art and culture. The Street section is an extension of this idea and it is here that local artists find their expression.

Artists under the aegis of the West Zone Cultural Centre come forth and delight the throngs of crowds at Rampart Row. From the kachi ghodi shows to folk puppet shows, visitors to the festival have been enthralled by small, local artists on the grand stage that is Rampart Row.

Kachi Ghodi, Bahurupiya, Nut Kartab wll be performed at KGAF 2019.

Acknowledgements: Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra, West Zone Cultural Centre (WZCC) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Sanjay Patil, Prajakta Ayre, Laiqe Hussain, Pankaj Nagar and Furqan Khan. Note: All Programs are subject to.